How to remove category slug, and custom post type slug

While developing this site, I ran into a difficulty. I really wanted to use custom post types to control categories of photography projects I do and make them easily sorted by date. But by using a custom post type, you get the slug in your permalinks. In my example it was I really didn’t want project-type showing up because of SEO, and it’s just annoying to look at. I searched online for a whole day and found no solution to removing this slug, in fact forum after forum said it couldn’t be done, and shouldn’t. I didn’t accept that and with the help of Filip, a fantastic wordpress coder I found a plugin which did exactly that and many other things.

SEO Ultimate has a function called permalink tweaker. Simply check the box to remove the permalink slug you don’t want, then refresh your permalinks (under the wordpress settings, just click save and it will refresh them) and viola, problem solved. It also has the most comprehensive SEO automation options of any free plugin I have ever used. I don’t usually give out these kinds of plugs, but when it really makes my life better and easier, I must give credit where it is due.