Different ways to pose group formal photos.

Every wedding is unique and group portraits are more than just a formality. Though you may be more interested in the intimacy of modern portraiture, the group portraits are often some of the most cherished images from a wedding. I… read more

Morgan’s Bridal Portrait

This is a sneak peek from her wedding last weekend. Morgan was a truly stunning and graceful bride.

Liz and Chris’ Wedding Video

We are excited to share the preview of Liz and Chris’ wedding video. The full length features one of Liz’s friends sing Ave Maria. She is a professional vocalist and we had a microphone set up recording all the… read more

Update on Alicia and Galen’s Wedding

We’re happy to be able to share the rest of Alicia and Galen’s wedding photos. Print ordering is available.

Update on Marissa and Mark’s Wedding

The photos are ready for viewing and print orders. You can access them here. I am also able to do any custom print orders, canvas wraps, and albums.

Shooting with Jason Jarvis

I had the great pleasure to help out my great friend Jason Jarvis, Lynchburg’s Premiere Wedding Photographer. He couldn’t be two places at once, so I covered the groomsmen preparation at the Westin, Town Center. It… read more

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand Seminar

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time: 9:00 am -6:00 pm

Registration Fee: $20.00

*Lunch served on the premises at no additional cost

Register at

Location: Sure Foundation Reconciling Ministries
3016 Old Mill Road
Chesapeake, VA… read more

Krendl performs back to back for packed crowds at the Sandler Center

As part of the Kid’s Artpalooza, Krendl performed for over 4000 people in two packed out shows at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, VA.

Manifest – Due Season

Manifest is a hip-hop artist in Chesapeake, VA with a message about God’s promise. I am very excited to be a part of his ministry, his new album “Due Season” is coming out soon.

New Web Design Portfolio

It’s about time I made a site to showcase my web design work. I’ve implemented inventory solutions for hundreds of products, forums with read more