About Me

I am an all day, every day wedding photographer. When I’m not shooting, I’m thinking about images, my craft and the process of how I can make the most memorable and enduring photographs. I am also a photographic educator, teaching studio lighting and the history of photography to students of the Visual Arts Center. I am the father of two wonderful children and I am always photographing them of course. Before I got into wedding photography I was active duty in the Army, photographing the V Corps and 76th Army Band in tours through Iraq and Germany. I have photographed for several newspapers including the Virginian-Pilot and my commercial photographs have been published on book covers and in campaigns for Chrysler Motors, Bank of America, Harley-Davidson, and the Norwegian Tourism Board.

In 2007, I chose to focus my career on wedding photography because of the unique opportunity it presented to connect with people in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Wedding photographers need to be technically minded. We’re out there juggling a whole orchestra of equipment on location in changing light. We need to have a backup for every camera and lens we use and backups for those too. We deal with thousands of images every weekend and we can not afford to lose a single one. Wedding photographers stress every detail and plan for every contingency. We are arriving early and never late to a deadline. These things come naturally to me and I pride myself in being a consummate professional, but there is still more required of us.

Wedding photographers need to see the artistry in every moment. We’re fast on our feet but we also need to notice when the mood is slow and contemplative. We know when to step in and ensure the day moves along with the timeline, yet we are often invisible while we work. I look for the ways poetry can be written with light and shape. I delve into the personality and imagination of our clients and emerge with photographs that exceed expectations. This is why I am a wedding photographer. This is why I get excited by every ceremony for which I am fortunate enough to be a part.

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