Bryan Myhr


[h1] Experience [/h1][dropcap_1] B[/dropcap_1]ryan started out as a newspaper photojournalist in New York and for the Virginian-Pilot. He had the unique opportunity to document the US Army Band deployed to Iraq for the duration of 2003 and 2006. His images have been published in numerous magazines and national advertising campaigns, including Maxim Magazine, Chrysler Motors, Barnes and Noble and the Republican Party. His travels have brought him to 28 countries so far, including Norway, Cuba, Morocco and Qatar.

[h1] Passion [/h1][dropcap_1] I[/dropcap_1]t has been said that Bryan lives and breathes photography. He is passionate about creating beautiful images. His photographs tell the story of the couples brought together by the love they share. He brings out the very best with lighting and dramatic scenes, while also capturing the essence and personality of the couple and their guests. To read what what his clients have to say, click here.


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